We’re on a mission to give you
control of your identity.

As consumers of the internet, we’ve become fatigued by the constant fear that our data and digital identity will be compromised by cybercriminals. And unfortunately, the problem is only getting worse. So many of the physical things we use to identify ourselves are being replaced by digital versions, which piles more credentials on top of the accounts we’re already struggling to keep secure.

The advice we get when we’ve been hacked is “reset your password, turn on two-factor authentication” but that solution is complicated and more importantly – it costs us time. Simply put, we resist change when it requires us to compromise on convenience.

The internet is an amazing place that many people fight to ensure we all have free access to it. But access isn’t enough. It should also be safe, so we’re free to enjoy and use the internet as we choose. Otherwise, the internet can be a place of incredible risk, which limits how comfortable we feel connecting more of our lives to the internet.

Before it becomes even more of a status quo, we’re fixing the approach to consumer security. Securing the databases, servers, and networks that our accounts and digital lives exist on is critical but arguably, protecting the end-points (us!) is just as, if not more, important.

We’re motivated by a shared belief that usability
shouldn’t suffer for the sake of security.

Melanie Shapiro

CEO & Co-Founder

Melanie previously co-founded Digsby, a platform for managing online social identities, which was acquired in 2011. She has studied community engagement behavior at Microsoft and she holds a PhD in consumer behavior. Melanie is passionate about building an experience layer for cryptography that enables users to have control of their identity and data.

Steve Shapiro

CTO & Co-Founder

Prior to Token, Steve was co-founder and CEO at Digsby. After it was acquired, he went on to run product at Tagged. Steve also spent some time at Bloomberg, where he reimagined the world’s largest conversational trading network from the ground up. Steve is passionate about the point in space where product, technology, and design intersect.

Richard Lourette

VP Engineering

Rich has been building complex embedded systems for over 30 years. He’s been Chief Scientist at Harris, built satellites at ITT, and served as Chief Firmware Architect at Kodak. Rich joined Token to lead hardware development and push the boundaries of embedded wearable devices.

Stephen Schultz

Chief Scientist

Prior to joining Token, Steve pioneered oblique aerial photography as the co-founder and CTO of Pictometry, which was acquired in 2015. He holds 17 US patents in areas ranging from imaging to hardware. Steve leads biometric R&D at Token and is currently a Trustee at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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